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We Get Results, and Fast

With years of mastering the art of marketing, we now offer our top products.

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Google Ads

Every product research starts with a simple Google search. With our special techniques and programming, we are able to provide a full shopping experience for your potential customers by targeting converting search terms and matching our ads with a dedicated custom-made landing page to ensure increased results.

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Facebook Ads

Connect with your customers where they spend most of their times. With Facebook and Instagram Ads you are able to create the perfect target audience to match your services or products. As an extra bonus, you also get great exposure on your social media profiles.

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Social Media Mgmt.

Maintaining a strong social media presence is a key factor to your success. Not only that it will strengthen your website SEO efforts, but it will create an organic (not paid for) marketing channel for you to generate sales from. We will create engaging graphics and content to post on a well-thought schedule to maximize exposure and results.

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We are not just monkeying around

For the past decade we have been studying and mastering the art of online marketing by combining creative thought with well-designed mechanisms. Our rich experience in programming and mathematics has allowed us to develop the perfect system to maximize results for our clients. Every step of the way is meticulously calculated to create a captivating experience for your customers and massive ROI for you.

We don’t just use big words to sound special and we always make sure that the business strategy is understood by all parties. To create complete clarity about our work, we provide a personal portal for you to get real-time statistics about your ongoing marketing efforts, and a detailed schedule of our planned tasks.

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Swingin' with the Mighty Apes - Meet Your Team

Dean B.

Cofounder, Marketing Wizard

Eli M.

Cofounder, Marketing Wizard

Alon M.

Server Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager

Jimmy C.

Senior Sales Associate

Richard V.

Yelp Department Director

Raymond A.

Google Department Director

Raz G.

Senior Sales Associate


Head of Security

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It’s All About The Numbers

We don’t just promise results, we deliver.

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Marketing is tough...

We worked hard for our credentials and reputation so you can get the best of the best.

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Stop hoping for better results and take control of your business.

Google Ads Management

Done by Engineers with over 12 years of hands-on experience in the Google Ads platform



Highest Quality of Exclusive Leads
  • Custom Dynamic Landing Page
  • Dedicated Ad Copy Team
  • Tracking Numbers for Better ROI
  • Daliy Account Monitoring
  • A/B Testing on Colors/Text/Sections

Facebook Ads Management

Beautiful & simple, eye-grabbing ads, including images & videos, that are built to convert



Perfect For Branding & High Lead Volume
  • Custom Dynamic Landing Page
  • Dedicated Ad Copy Team
  • Tracking Numbers for Better ROI
  • Daliy Account Monitoring
  • A/B Testing on Colors/Text/Sections

Ultimate Marketing Management

Get top-notch branding & a steady stream of quality leads, and business consultation from industry leaders

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Rule your trade online & offline
  • Mid-Large Size Companies
  • Set the tone & lead your industry
  • Business consulting on demand
  • Unlimited Facebook campaigns
  • Unlimited Google Ads campaigns
  • Custom solutions tailored for you
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